Entry #1


2016-11-11 11:09:37 by iza1122

Hey y'all I'm Iza and I'm kind of new to newgrounds so I'd appreciate some help around here ;).

I'm an illustrator/animator/snapchatartist. Hope you guys enjoy my art! 

If you do then you should check out more on my other social media and my Youtube channel:

  • Youtube: iza1122
  • Snapchat: iza1122
  • Instagram (art): iza1122_art
  • Instagram (snapart): iza1122_snap
  • Deviantart: iza1122


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2016-11-11 12:08:36

Welcome to Newgrounds.

Had a look through what you've uploaded and your art, it isn't bad. Keep it up and after at least 4 art submissions you can be scouted to the Art Portal. and then the feedback should be more fequent.

Have a great time here and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

iza1122 responds: